Project Description

DLR’s Institute of Solar Research has been working on the utilisation of concentrated solar energy for power production, solar chemistry, and solar materials research for more than 20 years. The repertoire of the Department “Solar Chemical Engineering” comprises the development of solar concentrators, reactors, and processes for solar fuels production as well as the scale-up of solar technologies and processes from laboratory scale to demonstration scale. Various high-performance test platforms, e. g. the Xenon-High-Flux-Solar-Simulator in Cologne, are available for extensive field testing and experimental assessment of solar thermochemical or photo(electro)chemical systems.

Dr. Michael WULLENKORD photograph

Dr. Michael WULLENKORD has a depth of experience in solar generation of hydrogen by thermal and photo(electro)chemical processes. His main fields of activity are construction, development, simulation, and testing of solar reactors and solar concentrator devices.