Project Description

The Helmholtz Young Investigator Group “Electrochemical Conversion of CO2” targets the development of new electrochemical pathways to upgrade CO2 to high-value products. Their approach combines synthesis of new materials based on mixed metal alloys, oxides, nitrides, and sulfides with detailed in situ study of catalytic activity, product selectivity, and electrode surface structures.

Dr. Matthew MAYER photograph

Dr. Matthew MAYER is an expert on photoelectrochemical and electrocatalytic water splitting and CO2 reduction, nanomaterials synthesis, and photovoltaics.

Dr. Gumaa EL-NAGAR photograph

Dr. Gumaa EL-NAGAR is a leading researcher in electrocatalysis for sustainable synthesis, nanomaterials synthesis, and redox-flow batteries.

Prof. Roel VAN DE KROL photograph

Prof. Roel VAN DE KROL is head of the Institute of Solar Fuels at HZB and full professor at the Department of Chemistry at the Technical University of Berlin.